Web Browser Support

Browsers and E mails are the two most widely used things over internet and without them web will reduce its utility to a great extent. There are so many browsers and e mail service providers available over internet and provide best in class features.


Welcome To Support Live

Support-Live, is an online technical support portal which enables the clients from USA and Canada to get rid of their PC problems in a very short time. With the advent of technology, mankind has progressed to different levels, but one must understand that even technology falters. In that case, you are looking for someone who has mastered the art and science of technology – who better than Support-Live.

Giving its customers a wide range of customized products and plans to choose from Support-Live is surely giving the comfort factor to its clients.

Maintaining the privacy and security of its clients, Support-Live has won the trust and confidence of many.

We provide Comprehensive Technical support for wide range of problems that occurs while using Computers and related software's and Peripherals attached to it.

We have expertise in providing Online Technical Assistance with Remote assist for various Computer related issue like Virus Removal, E-mail fixation, Printer and Scanner Problems, Web Browser issues, System Optimization, Anti-Virus fixation and host of other problems encountered while using Computers by leveraging Support-Live fixation tools.



Support-Live is an independent provider of on-demand tech support and not affiliated with any third party brand for which we offer services unless specified.The use of any third party trademarks, logos, or brand names is for informational purposes only, and does not imply an endorsement by Support-Live or vice versa or that such trademark owner has authorized Support-Live to promote its products or services.